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Junior Fire Patrol 2008

Apr. 1, 2008: YVFD's annual Junior Fire Patrol class for fifth grade students wrapped up this past Tuesday evening. Pictured is Courtney Fisher in her attempt to put out the blazing fire. She later earned the honors of Junior Fire Patrol Captain.

2008 Yutan Junior Fire Patrol

Junior Fire Patrol is taught annually by the YVFD to fifth grade students. The program consists of four evening classes throughout the month of March and graduation was held Tuesday, April 1 2008. The students are taught many aspects of fire safety, fire prevention, home escape planning, home hazards, and highlighted by the kids putting out a live fire with a portable fire extinguisher.

An Operation Lifesaver presentation was introduced into this years program. Where the kids learned about the dangers around rail road tracks and of trespassing on railroad property.

Participation in this years program was a record with 31 students. Instruction was led by Mike Ostblom. Other YVFD members assisting were Marcie Woodward, Bill Hagemann, Jeff Hagemann and Jack Gomez.

Special honors were given to students for exceptional participation in class room discussions and completion of their weekly assignments.

Junior Fire Patrol Captain: Courtney Fisher
Asst. Captain: Colton Leal
Asst. Captain: Kendyl Hurtz

Other attendees were: Christian Kazoz, Megan Wade, Cassie Wade, Jessica Wade, Jayme Bussing, Jordan French, Zach Gomez, Megan Laughlin, Skyler Limbach, Zach Nelson, Zach Palmer, Jacob Schulz, JC Robinson, Christopher Stevens, Josh Trost, Jacob Trost, Tad Nelson, Matt Oviatt, Madison Egr, Rachel Roll, Brooke Phillips, Brooke Kelly, Adam Perkins, Stephen Norton, Mathew Dooley, Ben Griff, Boston Rew, Madeline Miller and Kedyl Hurtz.