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YVFD is looking for a few good citizens who can dedicate some of their spare time to helping our communities stay safe. When you join, you will be trained to be a firefighter (FF) and/or emergency medical technician (EMT) at no cost to you, other than time.

We know that spare time is at a premium these days, and we know that your time is very valuable, however, your time can turn out to be very valuable to someone else, too. After you receive training, you will be called on time and time again to help your neighbors survive personal emergencies, fires, and even disasters. It is a critical job that is worthy of your time.

Being a volunteer firefighter/EMT is rewarding too. The feeling that you get when you are able to turn around a tragedy, save a life, lessen suffering, or save someone's personal property is second to none. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the community by preventing tragedies. Our fire prevention program helps keep people safe by limiting the chances that a fire ever starts. We start fire prevention with kids a young as possible so that the lessons learned will follow them throughout their lives. There are countless opportunities to touch the lives of people young and old.

What does it take to become a member?

Simple. Just download the application here. (apps.pdf), fill it out and then send us an email at yutanvfd@yutanvfd.org stating your interests in joining YVFD.

Thank You for your interest in joining YVFD!

FAQ for Joining Yutan VFD.

Q. How do I apply?

A.  To apply you can download the application here (apps.pdf), fill it out an application, send an email to yutanvfd@yutanvfd.org stating your interests to join the YVFD. 

Q. What kind of training do I have to take?

A. As a minimum, all members are required to attend recruit training at the fire station. This consists of one year of basic fire and rescue training, and CPR (one night per month). For the duration of your career, you will also be required to attend regular meetings and drills (two nights per month). Other training, including Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter Certification are also encouraged in the first couple of years. The department will cover the costs of this training.

Q. What are the minimum requirements?

A.  You must be between 18 and 45 years of age, and be physically capable of heavy lifting and hard work.

Q. Does everyone get accepted?

A.  No. Everyone gets an equal chance. Your membership will be based upon a vote of the existing members of the Department. The Rural Fire District Board of Directors must also approve of your membership. If you attend meetings and training, follow Department policies, and have a relatively clear criminal record, you have a pretty good chance of becoming a full member.

Q. How many hours are involved?

A.  The minimum commitment consists of about 12 – 15 hours per month for the first year. Weekend seminars on fire and emergency medical training, as well as weeknight courses are also offered for those who wish to attend higher levels of training. The Fire Department does pay for most training opportunities. Approximately 20% of the current members have turned these learning opportunities into full-time careers.

Q. Will I be insured?

A.  Workers Compensation and life insurance are provided.

Q. When can I start answering emergency calls?

A.  Upon completion of recruit training, and written approval of the Fire Chief, you will be able to answer emergency calls. For liability purposes, the Fire Department does not allow untrained personnel to respond to emergency scenes without a Fire Department officer as an escort. Until specifically ordered to respond, do not respond to a fire or emergency scene. Doing so may be deemed illegal.